little wip in photoshop :3

little wip in photoshop :3

practice in photoshop -w-

practice in photoshop -w-


After all, Friendship is Magic!

asker: Warryor

((I’m so super sorry I drew the wrong version of your pony! I checked on my laptop AFTER I had drawn him I’m sosososososo sorry! You can consider it a halloween drawing of Warryor))

Warryor : yay new friend ^u^

(( hahaha XD warryor looks cool ewe ))


  -her name is Sarah petrovsky 

  -33 years old 

  -missing and presumed dead 

-adoptive mother of warryor


# 02

Lighti: Yes?

Warryor: hi owo 

<u< psssssst do you wanna buy some drugs >u>


(Bby isn’t talking because her new masculine voice scares her)

Warryor : e_e

hugs and pizza ! owo


"YeS HugS pIzSaS  O < e"

-w- zzz

-w- zzz

just bored XD